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Romance Across State Lines Bundle

Romance Across State Lines Bundle

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Texas Twosome

An unlikely pair, Kyle and Becca, set out to solve a mystery that has plagued the small town of Steam for years. But in the middle of the discovery, the two develop a relationship. Will Becca give up the New York life, and will Kyle be enough for her?

Kansas Kissed

Lucille Carmichael never won anything in her life, so when she discovered she held the winning ticket for an all-expenses paid trip to Kansas, she packed her bags and journeyed to Dodge City.

When the hotel she’s staying at catches fire, Lucille meets handsome firefighter Samuel Lyons. His striking good looks give her goosebumps.

Will these two be able to keep the flames burning despite the long-distance relationship, or will their attempt at love smolder to a pile of ashes?

California Crush

Trying to escape the embarrassment and disappointment of being jilted at the altar, Breanna answers an ad for a job clear across the country. When the voice on the other end offers her the job, she’s excited about what awaits her in California.

When Breanna meets her prospective employer, something about him makes her tingle. She can’t help but notice the age difference. Will it matter?

Oregon Obsession

Widow Maggie Regan has been through one of the most horrendous events in United States history. She moves away, hoping that it will heal her broken heart. Even moving as far away from the aftermath hasn’t made that day fade from her memory. Nothing will ever ease the pain of losing Richard.

Trey Simmons, a tortured artist, needs a distraction from city life in San Francisco and heads to beautiful Oregon. He paints to help cope with the tragic events that took his sweetheart from him.

During one of her outings, she meets Trey. Something about the way he holds her stare is startling to her. They run across paths a few more times, and soon Maggie feels something for this younger guy, who doesn’t seem bothered by age.

Can these two put aside the numbers and embrace their unwavering desire to be together, or will the tragic events of the past keep them apart?

Florida Fling

Author Ruby Bennett has a romance novel to finish. But she jumps into action when she gets word that the retirement community she and her Irish Setter, Red, frequently visit is under fire for building violations, which, if not fixed, will displace all the residents.

Drake Carrolton only has his father’s best interest at heart. He can’t, in good conscience, let his father live at Shady Grove any longer. But when he hears about Ruby’s fund-raising events to help repair the old place, he agrees to help her.

While the two put their heads together and plan, they get close enough to feel an attraction that’s hard to deny. Will Ruby and Drake save the day at Shady Grove Place and have their own happily ever after, or will their desire to be together and rebuild Shady Grove go up in a cloud of construction dust?

Montana Miracle

Single parent Shelley Bennett has had a rough time of it. Things will be different now that they’ve settled in Bozeman, where she opens a stationery shop, Rock Paper Scissors.

Skip Morrison also has had a rough time of it. After serving his country, he comes back to an empty house. Distraught and alone, Skip sets off traveling from city to city. When he stops in Bozeman, he never dreams it would be for more than a night or two.

Shelley needs an engraver; Skip needs a place to hang his hat. Is this all business, or will these two become a coupler, and can Skip resist the urge to run?

Pennsylvania Passion

Fleeing from an abusive relationship, Maddy Pryor and her long-time furry companion, Fluffy, take off for Lancaster County for a fresh start.

John Cooper has had his heart broken, but for different reasons. He’s lost the love of his life to cancer. Now, working the land with his hands, he tries to move forward when a cute and bubbly mobile groomer rents his loft.

When John opens his heart and home to her, Maddy is attracted to him. But something isn’t adding up, making her suspicious.

Will John open up to Maddy and share his deepest secrets, and will Maddy believe she’s worthy of his love?

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