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Kansas Kissed

Kansas Kissed

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Sometimes, you must break out of your comfort zone, learn new things, discover new places—and find love where you’d least expect it.

Lucille Carmichael had never won anything in her life, so when the notification came, she held the winning ticket for an all-expenses paid trip to Kansas; she packed her bags and made the journey to Dodge City. Something about cowboy’s barrel racing elevated her heartbeat, not to mention looking forward to a bit of space after a bad breakup.

When the hotel she’s staying at catches fire, Lucille meets handsome firefighter Samuel Lyons. He’s not a cowboy, but he quickens her heart.   

Samuel can’t help but notice the cute young lady with sexy legs swaddled in an oversized sweater wandering around the parking lot in a daze after the fire. After all the danger has cleared and she can return to her room, he figures that will be the last time he sees her. So when their paths cross again, sparks fly, but this time, there’s no danger of fire, just a strong desire to see where things go. 

Will these two be able to keep the flames burning despite the long-distance relationship, or will their attempt at love smolder to a pile of ashes?

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